What is Injection Molding and Why You Should Considering Using It

injection molding thermoplastic machine close up

Injection molding is a very intricate, complex process. There are numerous components to consider from the plastic resin all the way to the correct shape of molding to create the perfect product make the entire process elaborate but rewarding to see the finished outcome. Plastic injection molding requires little to no handy work after the initial production; allowing everything to run as smoothly as possible.

The Basics

Essentially, plastic injection molding is a simple process. The machine follows a step-by-step process to achieve the ultimate goal. Pellets of plastic are loaded into the device, then transported into a mold while being heated to molten along the way. From that point, the plastic cools within a short period and then taken out of the frame to receive its newest shape.

The Advantages

First and foremost, the possibilities are endless with the proper injection molding process. Because the procedure has been tweaked and perfected over many years, the desired goal is extremely attainable.

This method of molding operates at a much higher efficiency because it hardly takes any time and the accuracy is insurmountable to other processes. The mold can be made to the customer’s exact specification and pre-programmed ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout.

For companies that would like to use multiple types of plastic or incorporate recyclable items into the product, co-injection would then come into play. Commodity, engineering, and high-performance resins can be chosen from, but they vary with cost. Some of the materials you will find with MP Manufacturing includes Acrylic, ABS, PS, Nylon, PVC, etc.

Because most of the labor is handled with machinery and robotics, the overall process is automated. Reducing the amount of labor force allows the general cost of manufacturing the parts to be severely decreased. Lastly, with the pre-programming and specifications known in advance, the injection process is extremely accurate and precise compared to other competitive methods.

MP Manufacturing

We offer plastic injection molding for more substantial projects for the automotive, LED, medical and electronic industries that need products ranging from 90 to 1200 tons. Aside from the initial injection molding, we also offer painting, vacuum metalizing, laser welding, and more. If you would like more information about our company, explore our website!