What Goes into The Process of Design for Manufacturing?

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The primary purpose of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is to reduce the costs for overall part production. Usually, the methods used to minimize the complexity of manufacturing and use common processes. Throughout the product development process, design for manufacturing is a development practice emphasizing manufacturing issues. Successfully doing so results in lower production cost without sacrificing product quality.

5 Principles Stand Out in the DFM Process


Certain principles go into examining the DFM process. The process requires consideration of the number of products being made, what material is going to be used, the intricacy of the surfaces, the appropriate tolerances, and if secondary processed need to follow.


Once the process is finalized to make the product, the plan must be considered according to the type of product being manufactured. Discuss with the contract manufacturer to ensure that the chosen design corresponds to the right doctrines for the process selected in the first step.


Materials need to meet a specific criterion to showcase optimum use for the product. Consider how strong the material needs to be if it needs heat resistance, the electrical requirements, and how flammable it is before finalizing a decision. If the contract manufacturer has access to some of the materials you already have in mind, it will promote lower material pricing.


The environment in which the product will be used plays a significant role in the design process. Predicting what the typical use the product will endure are taken into consideration. Regardless of the way the product is formed, if not tested for what it may be subjected too, it will not withstand its expectancy.


The last main point to consider is if the product is compliant and can survive rigorous testing. The standards could be internal of the company, or overall industry standards ensuring the product is safe and is of high quality.

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