What Goes into the Injection Molding Process?

Because the majority of the injection molding process is automated, it can be used to create multiple products for companies, large or small. MP Manufacturing produces products for automotive, LED, medical and electronic industries utilizing top-notch materials like acrylic, ABS, PS, PVC, and more. To offer excellent injection molding services, we abide by a thorough step-by-step process for every product.


  • Evaluation – Before the process begins, an initial assessment of the products including the structure, mold mechanism, cooling system, runner, etc.
  • Design – The designers start to project the plastic mold starting with 3D parting, assembly drawing, and rounding up personnel to evaluate their pictures before delivering to the injection mold making department.
  • Materials – If the drawings pass the inspection, the materials are ordered and inspected, and technicians begin locksmith work. They pay attention to right-angles, production base, and outsource to the part for heat treating.
  • Heat Treatment/Electrode Processing – After the heating treatment, the injection molding
  • Specifications – Right-angle sides, line cutting, mold core finishing, EDM processing, and polishing each have a specific threshold that must be met before the next step begins.
  • Assembly – This step starts with a comprehensive check to ensure everything is in excellent condition, perform any extra cleaning, and apply any anti-rust treatment.
  • Trial – Analyzation and solution on the plastic injection, improve the mold if need be, and report how if the trial run was successful.
  • Conclusion – At this point, the products are defect-free, and production is ready to move forward with the manufacturing schedule!

MP Manufacturing

One of the most important reasons as to why we are still performing high-quality service is because we follow each step. You’ll notice from our company, that we take extra careful measures to guarantee the quality of our products utilizing cutting-edge, innovative machinery in our state-of-the-art facility. For more information, visit our website! https://mp-mfg.com/