What Can We Expect in the Future for Injection Molding

As the year comes to an end, you may be thinking about what’s going to change in the new year. With many businesses searching for ways to be innovative in how they manufacture and sell their products, looking at advancements that increase production time yet decrease overall cost seems to reign king.

Scientific Molding

The smallest variations within molding design can have the most significant effects on the final product. Keeping a precise process and not deviating from it will have the result be pristine each time. Scientific molding offers a higher level of precision than traditional molding may not be able to produce. The specifications or requirements may not be within a range that traditional molding is capable of maintaining.

Scientific molding monitors each step throughout the procedure including temperature, viscosity, and moisture content. Maintaining constant high-quality is the main focus of utilizing scientific molding. The scientific molding process is meticulous and heavily monitored throughout each step to avoid any variations that can cause the product to be rejected.


For products that require an extra layer on the outside, that’s where over-molding comes into play. For tools, specifically, the ones that need a grip handle on the outside can now benefit from over-molding using two or more materials at the same time to achieve the same result. Production costs severely decrease with allowing a single product to be manufactured in one fell swoop.

Conformal Cooling

Although still useful, traditional mold methods are equipped with straight-line cooling channels. With conformal cooling, the lines adapt to the shape of the product, thus reducing the overall cycle time. Conformal cooling offers more uniformity helping to make the part stronger, reducing the number of rejected products being made in various industries.

MP Manufacturing

To stay at the top of our industry, it’s vital for us to keep up with any advancements that can skyrocket the productivity of our business. MP Manufacturing provides turn-key solutions for our clients every day bringing innovative ideas and cutting-edge designs to the market. Quantity without sacrificing quality is our highest priority in upholding our standards.