Turn-key Solution

Our Vision at MP-MFG is to build a platform for all of our customers that work!

This platform offers services such as; Designing, DFM Analysis, Mold making, Injection molding, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Assembling, Shipping as well as marketing… to help our customers succeed. We firmly believe that when our customers succeed, we all succeed!

injection molding manufacturer team

Alibaba Sharing Plan

Alibaba is arguably the largest global wholesale distribution site out there. The purpose of this plan is to provide an Alibaba platform for businesses like yours, this to help you marketing your products and reaching the distributors all over the world.  With the cost of an Alibaba account and the creation of the webpage being more than $10K US dollars, this plan allows our customers who want to participate to share that cost.  Please contact us to find out how this plan helps your great inventions!

Free Storage Service

We are offering up to two months free storage services to our customers and a small charge after that, to help our customers marketing.

Shipping to Amazon

In now days, more and more inventors choose to selling in Amazon, our team have lots of experiences on how to packaging, barcode, labelling and ship your products to Amazon warehousing according to the requirements of Amazon.

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