Top 5 Most Common Plastics Used for Molding

The process of selecting the right plastic can be an extensive process because there are so many different types that are durable, and useful in several industries. Quality is one component we absolutely will not compromise on because that’s what we run our business on. Plastics have variations that are applicable in automotive, medical, and food and beverage businesses.

Most Often Used Resins

  1. ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is used often because it’s sturdy, durable, and showcases incredible impact and temperature resistance. ABS can be used for any standard thermoplastic processing methods because it readily adheres to other materials. The disadvantage is that ABS doesn’t offer any chemical resistance, making it useless for products that require electrical insulation or UV resistance.
  2. injection molding thermoplastic machine close upAcetal – This type of thermoplastic provides toughness, chemical solvent resistance, easy colorization, and minimal moisture absorption. Ideally, it is used within the food and beverage, mechanical, and automotive industries. It is most beneficial with products that physically touch because the friction is insignificant.
  3. Polypropylene – This plastic is heavily known for its chemical resistance, elasticity, toughness, and insulation properties. PP already offers a wide range of applications, but because it can be easily modified and altered, the possibilities are endless. PP is flammable and susceptible to UV radiation but still offers effective resistance.
  4. HIPS – High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is extraordinarily cost-efficient yet offers excellent impact resistance, customizable surfaces, and is aesthetically pleasing. HIPS is mainly used in print applications because it is specially made for graphic arts. However, it can also be applied in appliances, TV and AV equipment, and computer coverings.
  5. LDPE – Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) provides excellent water resistance, incredible strength, and chemical endurance. It is used to a wide range of everyday products and applications like houseware, consumer goods, and medical and agricultural products. With recycling the plastic product, LDPE lives on in various alternative products like floor tile, furniture, and trash cans. LDPE is problematic to bond and isn’t useful in harsh weather or high temperatures.

MP Manufacturing

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