Technology Advancing Injection Molding Companies Through the Industry

Every industry can be massively improved with the right technological advancements. Even in larger corporations, having one or several systems that work seamlessly to provide a service or product will see benefits. There are more and more ways to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality in the injection mold process.

Thin Wall Molding – This kind of molding achieves the same plastic part with a thinner wall. The process is more or less the same; however, no aspect can be left unchecked from the part and mold design to the result ensuring the product will not lose any quality with the thin wall molding. The geometry must be done just so to achieve the outcome desired without any cracks or damages.

3D Printing – This kind of technology is critical in developing a prototype for injection molding. With a prototype already constructed before the entire process begins, there’s a convenient timeframe allowing for any potential improvements to be made before starting the final product. It takes the process one step further as opposed to standard online rendering.

Liquid Silicone – One of the most critical components of plastic molding is thermoset. Cold material is injected in with a scorching hot mold to create one final part. However, there may be times where you’ll need to produce a piece that can withstand extremely high temperatures or chemicals. At this point, consider the advantage of thermoplastic molding, which usually includes liquid silicone.

Gas-Assisted Injection Molding – Thicker products run the risk of distortion as it cools down, however, with gas-assistance, the injection molding is constantly shooting gas into the mold to help maintain a smooth finish on the exterior. The interior should remain at the same quality, all the while keeping expenses at a minimum.

MP Manufacturing

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