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Premium Injection Mold And Plastic Component manufacturer

MP Manufacturing Limited is a premium injection molding manufacturer & plastic component manufacturer! With the excel mold making and molding capabilities, we offer a turn-key manufacturing solution to our customers, to help them bring their great ideas or designs to the market!

injection molding manufacturer
injection molding manufacturer

MP-MFG Quality and Service

The company is extremely focused on the quality and service, dedicating to supply the best quality molds and plastic parts to our customers. Our philosophy of scalability has allowed us to adapt to the ever-changing global business environment without ever missing a beat in delivery and quality of the product. We have evolved into a superior one-stop supplier from tooling to any mechanical component used in our Customers’ products.

Our Vision at MP-MFG

Our Vision at MP-MFG is to build a platform for all of our customers! This platform offers services such as prototyping, tooling, molding, sourcing, assembling, packaging, shipping as well as marketing support… to help our customers succeed. We firmly believe that when our customers succeed, we all succeed!

injection molding manufacturer team

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