3 Goals Q&S Helps You Achieve

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Quality and Service Combination is definitely hard to achieve. But my years of experience tell me that there is something that is even harder for some businesses to achieve, which is “Realizing the importance of Quality and Service Combination”.

Quality Service is something that my company has extremely focused on, by being dedicated to supplying the best quality molds and plastic parts to our customers. I have understood that this is the essence of three main goals:

1. Delivering qualitative products at a fairly good service has approached us to our philosophy of scalability.

2. Having then a scalable business model, it has led us to adapt to the ever-changing global business environment without ever missing a beat in delivery and quality of the product.

3. And lastly, We have evolved into a superior one-stop supplier from tooling to any mechanical component used in our Customers’ products.

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Mike Liu, President of M&P Manufacturing Limited.

How to find good partners in China?

Steve and I are enjoying the Chinese Gongfu tea, as we are having some interesting discussion. Steve is the owner of a medium-size molding shop, and we have been working together for two years now, and this is his first visit to China.
He said he has had bad experiences with other Chinese mold makers before finding us. “Luckily I found M&P as our mold supplier, at a time I had almost lost my patience!”, he said.
Well, this was a sad story, and it was not the first one I had heard so far. I have also come across other similar comments about the “Made in China” label, such as it is always at an unbelievably cheap price, but with very bad quality! To be honest, this hurts me quite a lot. Unfortunately, it holds some kind of truth, but there are cases where it is nothing but a stereotype. I am not trying to argue that with thousands of words, as I believe a good job puts much more meaning to it!

china suppliers

However, this brings in a quite interesting question to the topic. How to find your good supplier/partner in China?

I know that many foreigners already have given an answer to this question as a client, but I think it would be interesting if the answer would come from a supplier in China. I hope it is helpful for you.
Firstly, I would like to tell you is that there are both good and bad China suppliers, just like somewhere else. There are some steps that would help you to figure out the good ones:

Step 1: Visit their website.
Usually, you first contact the sales people. I think you need to make sure the salespeople are professional enough, see whether they can provide you with the best solution or some kind of suggestion. We all know that your products are not made by the salespeople, but it is their job to deliver the right information and view on that supplier: Responsibilities, quality control, management etc. (please note that everybody would say they can provide the high quality, but the key is how they make that). I found an interesting thing when the sales people are very professional(not only sales skills, but related to their capabilities), the supplier is also usually good!

Step 2: Take a look at the price.

Prices, well I think this is the most difficult part to find the right supplier in China, as you may get so different prices, which may confuse you a lot. My suggestion is not just to focus on the prices. I think that Chinese people are very flexible(sometimes too much I think), they can accept or give unbelievable low prices, just because they are trying to get the job. But the key is what they are going to do with that lower price. As you know, everybody needs to make money from the business, so they have to use something to justify that: either it is cheaper materials or less work, like less EDM work or home-made components etc.

Step 3: Visit their factory if possible.
A factory visit is also very necessary, as you can see whether the factory is well managed or not. But if you have no budget or time for that visit, I think a customer reference would be helpful.

Also, to find a real mold maker, instead of mold trading company there are very important elements that go along with the ones mentioned above: prices, customer service; that truly should affect your choice. If you would like to know how to define the real mold maker or mold trading company, please do not hesitate to drop me an email, or contact here.

Mike Liu, President of M&P Manufacturing Limited.