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Technology Advancing Injection Molding Companies Through the Industry

Every industry can be massively improved with the right technological advancements. Even in larger corporations, having one or several systems that work seamlessly to provide a service or product will see benefits. There are more and more ways to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality in the injection mold process. Thin Wall Molding – […]

What Can We Expect in the Future for Injection Molding

As the year comes to an end, you may be thinking about what’s going to change in the new year. With many businesses searching for ways to be innovative in how they manufacture and sell their products, looking at advancements that increase production time yet decrease overall cost seems to reign king. Scientific Molding The […]

Top 5 Most Common Plastics Used for Molding

The process of selecting the right plastic can be an extensive process because there are so many different types that are durable, and useful in several industries. Quality is one component we absolutely will not compromise on because that’s what we run our business on. Plastics have variations that are applicable in automotive, medical, and […]

What Goes into the Injection Molding Process?

Because the majority of the injection molding process is automated, it can be used to create multiple products for companies, large or small. MP Manufacturing produces products for automotive, LED, medical and electronic industries utilizing top-notch materials like acrylic, ABS, PS, PVC, and more. To offer excellent injection molding services, we abide by a thorough […]

What is Injection Molding and Why You Should Considering Using It

Injection molding is a very intricate, complex process. There are numerous components to consider from the plastic resin all the way to the correct shape of molding to create the perfect product make the entire process elaborate but rewarding to see the finished outcome. Plastic injection molding requires little to no handy work after the […]

What Goes into The Process of Design for Manufacturing?

The primary purpose of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is to reduce the costs for overall part production. Usually, the methods used to minimize the complexity of manufacturing and use common processes. Throughout the product development process, design for manufacturing is a development practice emphasizing manufacturing issues. Successfully doing so results in lower production cost without […]

Quality and Service don’t come easily

Quality and Service don’t come easily 👌We do 6-hours mold #production run 👌 to all our molds for export to guarantee the quality. It takes hard work and dedication to complete your customer’s work.  

3 Goals Q&S Helps You Achieve

Quality and Service Combination is definitely hard to achieve. But my years of experience tell me that there is something that is even harder for some businesses to achieve, which is “Realizing the importance of Quality and Service Combination”. Quality Service is something that my company has extremely focused on, by being dedicated to supplying […]