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What is Injection Molding and Why You Should Considering Using It

Injection molding is a very intricate, complex process. There are numerous components to consider from the plastic resin all the way to the correct shape of molding to create the perfect product make the entire process elaborate but rewarding to see the finished outcome. Plastic injection molding requires little to no handy work after the […]

What Goes into The Process of Design for Manufacturing?

The primary purpose of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is to reduce the costs for overall part production. Usually, the methods used to minimize the complexity of manufacturing and use common processes. Throughout the product development process, design for manufacturing is a development practice emphasizing manufacturing issues. Successfully doing so results in lower production cost without […]

3 Goals Q&S Helps You Achieve

Quality and Service Combination is definitely hard to achieve. But my years of experience tell me that there is something that is even harder for some businesses to achieve, which is “Realizing the importance of Quality and Service Combination”. It is something that my company has extremely focused on, by being dedicating to supply the […]

How to find good partners in China?

Steve and I are enjoying the Chinese Kongfu tea, as we are having some interesting discussion. Steve is the owner of a medium-size molding shop, and we have been working together for two years now, and this is his first visit in China. He said he has had bad experiences with other Chinese mold makers […]